30 October, 2018

Stopped loss and Reduced risks

With the downside risks presented in the world, I am switching over to the defensive.
It may be a time when doing less is doing more. (time spent on stock search can be minimized due to most companies being somewhat cyclical)

Recent Actions:
-Stopped loss on Alibaba at around USD 144; I would take it that losses are taken from previous profits and admit my mistake of owning an overvalued company (who says bloggers only share on their profits?)
-Took profit on Sandfire Resources as mining industry is partially cyclical
-Added second batch of SSB to build on interest ladder and may continue to do so
-Added back Wilmar. It is defensive but I dislike their high debt levels.

Let's wait for 7 more days to see how the market react to US mid-term election to decide on what to do next.

I am currently halfway through the book: The Millionaire Fastlane.
It is quite interesting and it changed my view on entrepreneurship.

Its philosophy is however the opposite of many other gurus' as it discourages the norm of saving and investing (buy and hold). The reason is that these actions require us to sacrifice many years of our life before we have a chance to become millionaires. And usually, saving comes down to becoming misers and having a mediocre lifestyle.

From the book, there are three types of people in this world:

Sidewalkers: People who lives a day by a day and tries to consume as much income they have and may even go into debt doing so.

Slow laners: Those who work (be it employed or having a business) and uses the market as their income accelerator. When slow laners become millionaires, they are plagued with old age (probably with poor health) and are "nearing death". Though slow laners are better off than sidewalkers, it is risky to lead such life because many things are dependent on Hope.
For our plan to work: We hope to be healthy, we hope the market will be merciful, we hope not to be retrenched. However, hope is not 100% and it is risky to depend on it.

Fast Laners: Those who take high risks in building businesses that produce explosive returns by selling to many or by selling off the business for millions. And for this to work, the business should not require our constant involvement to produce revenue.
These people gets rich when they are young and are producers instead of consumers. Time is on their side as they gained freedom young.

While I am sharing his ideas, it does not mean that I fully agree to all that was mentioned.
Of course, everyone wants to be a Fast Laner but it is not for everyone. One has to quit their job, and success is not guaranteed.

Away from the serious talk, I am finally going for my overseas holidays after almost a year in Singapore.
Traveling is fun but always tiring and a hassle. Understand that most people will need to travel at least twice a year to be suffice but it is really up to individuals. They are also some who can actually bear not traveling for a year or two. Which type are you?

Anyway, it is time to enjoy while I can before the wedding preps and the busy new year ahead.


  1. You are pulling out the flower in Alibaba.

    1. Hi Cy,

      it is hard to tell now because it is uncertain if we can trust the figures from Chinese companies. Making things worse, Yuan valuation is dropping. Do you invest in Alibaba too?

    2. Yes i am invested in Alibaba. Personally i think the numbers of these Chinese giants can be trusted, as they are under watchful eyes of analysts, sovereign and hedge funds throughout the world. There are so many reasons to stay invested in Baba.. online shopping, e-payment, ant financial, cloud computing, these are businesses with huge moats and growth potential. At 25x forward earnings, shares are inexpensive.

    3. Yes, nobody knows for sure. The Sec has been investigating Baba and its structure is too complex to be fully analysed if you research further. I would hav no issues in holding if it is a US company amid current situation. still, one day I may add Baba back haha.
      what is your average price?

    4. I take a long term view on China, that China with its 1.4b population, growing affluence and LKY styled govt will become an economic superpower in time and overtake the US. The trade war, yuan devaluation, slowing economic growth today could be mere bumps on the road. We are being presented with a rare opportunity to get on board the chinese bandwagon.

    5. I started with a tiny stake at 180, but bought substantially more as it dropped, my average now is 143.