31 May, 2019

Should one take CFA in hope of a career change?

The CFA journey is well known for its grueling journey.

Being unsure if I should embark on the same path, I went to see what people were saying on the forums. Many shared the same doubt if they will regret doing so despite the high recognition it will provide. Few of the writers who passed CFA has zero financial backgrounds when they just started out (some are even Chartered now)
At the same time, they shared their extensive studying schedule to let us know what we will be signing up for. 

From what I read, it feels like we should go for it if we have the heart or passion for it.
It is like how many successful businessmen got to where they are using passion and determination without the need of academic qualifications.

If we are going solely for the hope of getting an attractive salary, do not bother.
This is because we lacked the fire to push through. Moreover, the CFA does not guarantee a high pay check. We "may" get a high salary is the key word to remember. 

I have not forgotten the 4 years of part time studies pursuing my degree. (and even promised myself to never pursue another academic certification again)
However, I took my degree mostly for qualification purpose when I had only some interest in the topics covered.  (It is lucky that they did covered some finance related modules in Business school)

While I cannot bring back the past and change my profession/degree to Finance, CFA may be an alternative I can turn to now. Or I can get a banking & finance job before taking CFA. 

Another thing to be considered is our Skills Future credits. It will be good if the government can top it up for our usage soon. Those who already spent the first $500 on courses will understand this. 

While what I mentioned above is easy for me to say, I am still wondering if it is the right call to make.

It also seems like the society view working experience and skills more importantly over academic nowadays.

15 May, 2019

The past months had been the worst of my life

In the past few months, I hardly had the mood to do anything or even to live.

It is not just random negativity.
To make it short, my fiancée and I had broken up when our wedding is supposed to be held this year end. Last year, she voiced out that she is not ready to get married and that we will not be happy together. (There was no 3rd party) It may sound like a joke that our love still exist but we realized what she mentioned was rather true after further months of trying.

It is unbelievable that someone who was so close to you and there for you for 4 years suddenly just disappear. Or perhaps the sole real meaning of life just vanished.

We were lucky most wedding preparations were not yet made but the heartbreak is real. Being someone who overthinks, it was surely a rough period of my life.
Sleeping, drinking, jogging, gaming and even working were some great escapes. I lost interest in almost everything including investing.

I even found it oxymoron. Why work so hard to save and invest when money can be lost so easily due to such “mistakes”? Why thrift and not just splurge these money instead on entertainment, gaming, drinking and time wastage? (or even smoking- while I don't smoke) I also wondered why must this happen to me when my life is already quite f***ed.

Good news is I am slightly better now after learning to slowly accept things.

Sadness aside, I am actually having my reservist now and it has been a good time to avoid the stress from work. It was also a pleasant time to quiet down the mind.

During reservist, the regulars in camp will often ask everyone what we are doing outside for work and we may even exchange contacts for job or business opportunities.

How I wished I can tell them that I am making money from home.

Minimal action was taken since last year.
Perhaps it was partly due to the lost of motivation during this period of time.

I took a small profit selling Costa Group which was listed in Australia.
Due to Brexit fears, I missed adding a multi-bagger which I wanted to buy earlier. (guess what is not yours will not be yours)

My current portfolio is well reduced in size, keeping more cash on hand.

Added more SSB in May 2019.
I missed out buying SSB in Feb and March to complete the investment category of DBS Multiplier for the “whole year”. (including months covered by dividends from Singtel)

SSB owned:
SBOCT18 GX18100V
SBNOV18 GX18110Z
SBDEC18 GX18120X
SBJAN19 GX19010T
SBMAY19 GX19050A

Decided to try moving out the logistics industry and enter the banking & finance industry since this is ultimately what I will like to do. To be honest, I am already pretty sick of my current industry.

Many said that it is still not too late at the age of 30 while we know the job market is quite bad now.
Hopefully, someone will give me a chance to learn.