10 July, 2019

Recent Transactions - July 2019

Today, I am here to share on some of my recent trades.

Singtel has been doing well lately but its P/E is getting on the high side at 18+. All eyes on its Ex-dividend date on 26th July.

Sold some Singtel shares to finally reduce my exposure. Still holding the bulk of it.
Traded on UOB, with a 7.4% in profit.
Traded on Capitaland, with a 10% in profit.
Traded on Sandfire Resources, with a 6.6% in profit.

As you can see, I am once again on selling mode and keeping cash on hand. About half of my investments are now converted back to cash. The markets have been on range trading mode for months, and the upside seems pretty limited.

31 May, 2019

Should one take CFA in hope of a career change?

The CFA journey is well known for its grueling journey.

Being unsure if I should embark on the same path, I went to see what people were saying on the forums. Many shared the same doubt if they will regret doing so despite the high recognition it will provide. Few of the writers who passed CFA has zero financial backgrounds when they just started out (some are even Chartered now)
At the same time, they shared their extensive studying schedule to let us know what we will be signing up for. 

From what I read, it feels like we should go for it if we have the heart or passion for it.
It is like how many successful businessmen got to where they are using passion and determination without the need of academic qualifications.

If we are going solely for the hope of getting an attractive salary, do not bother.
This is because we lacked the fire to push through. Moreover, the CFA does not guarantee a high pay check. We "may" get a high salary is the key word to remember. 

I have not forgotten the 4 years of part time studies pursuing my degree. (and even promised myself to never pursue another academic certification again)
However, I took my degree mostly for qualification purpose when I had only some interest in the topics covered.  (It is lucky that they did covered some finance related modules in Business school)

While I cannot bring back the past and change my profession/degree to Finance, CFA may be an alternative I can turn to now. Or I can get a banking & finance job before taking CFA. 

Another thing to be considered is our Skills Future credits. It will be good if the government can top it up for our usage soon. Those who already spent the first $500 on courses will understand this. 

While what I mentioned above is easy for me to say, I am still wondering if it is the right call to make.

It also seems like the society view working experience and skills more importantly over academic nowadays.