29 September, 2018

Portfolio Update: Added Associated British Foods

This will be a short post, following my long analysis on Sandfire Resources last week.

I have just added Associated British Foods (ABF) from the the FTSE 100 Component into my portfolio. This is the name behind the budget retailer Primark, the Twinings English tea and the famous Ovaltine drink. It is a conglomerate dealing with 5 main business segments: Sugar, agriculture, ingredient, grocery and retail. While I am aware that Brexit decision largely looms and ABF is exposed to its operations in Europe, shares are selling at a compelling price after my due diligence. Over the years, revenues and dividends are rising while debts are well managed.

In any bear case, there are still dividends to collect and I can even add on my stakes. Like Unilever, IFF and Wilmar, it is a known consumer defensive.

In the same week on Friday, I sold ST Engineering and took profit. My action does not imply a guess that it will not continue higher. It may be the right time, or it may be too early.
This brings me to my portfolio update:

Total Investments

Stocks' Distribution

It is funny realizing that I did not invest in any US based companies at the moment while there are a variety of companies from different continents on hand: AU, UK, CN and SG. Alibaba is not considered US based but only US listed. Probably the rationale in my subconsciousness is, US companies are still expensive after the long bull market.

Back to personal life, I have been feeling dreadful about work lately even before reaching the age of 30.

Work means 5 days of repetitive lifestyle, multiplied by about 4 times per month. Spending time with family, gaming and watching TV shows are things I do when freedom is presented.

The stress, boredom, fatigue, politics and work related expenses which we face all adds up to the importance and motivation of getting to our financial freedom.

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