20 January, 2020

Quick Portfolio Update

Just doing a short update on my current holdings:

-I have recently added a small position in Paypal for fintech exposure. This however may or may not be a short term trade.

-Added small position in Keppel Pacific Oak US Reit late last year, partly to push up portfolio’s dividend yield. W8-BEN has been approved by the firm. So goodbye 30% withholding tax and hello 7% divy!

-Continue holding both Singtel and Cisco. For these, I will see how it goes.

-Most of the companies are hovering above the P/E level of 15, which may hint overvaluation levels.

*Yield percentage does not reflect any overseas dividend withholding tax

I will be updating this chart on my page with any new addition/removal.
Perhaps I should include percentage of warchest as well.

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