05 August, 2018

Monthly Expenses: July 2018

Total Expenses: $1,159.90

Family: $630.00
-Monthly Allowance for Parents: $550 (recurring)
-Mum’s birthday dinner treat
-Cousin’s 21st Birthday red packet

Utilities: $76.00
-Handphone Bill: $23 (recurring)
-Internet bill: $53 (recurring)

Food: $353.80
-Groceries: Instant coffee, snacks, cereals

Transport: $60.00
-Ezlink Reload X 2

Others: $40.10
-Household products: Bathroom soap, Tissue boxes
-WC, 4D and Toto bets: $27
-Haircut: $5

(Period: 26th June to 26th July, 2018)

Before reading the book "Your Money or Your Life", I have been tracking my expenses since the month of May 2018. As the months goes by, the revelations of where my money flows start berthing to the surface. While the steps in the book did instruct us to categorize each of our spending and investigate if they align with our life purposes and values, it may not be necessary for everyone. 

Expense tracking apps alone should be suffice for some people, especially those already frugal. In the recent pages read, the book also encourages us to talk to someone or blog about our money journey. This gives us a greater sense of responsibility and accountability.
So here I am. 

In July, the new expenses (birthday gifts/treats) under Family category are both non-recurring and well spent. No further efforts on my part to reduce them. It was an overall good month compared to the past. Due to the recent World Cup fever, I did wasted some money on betting in both June and July (along with 4D and Toto). 

But like the book says: No Shame, No Blame. Instead, it is a journey of reflection and realization. 

To further improve, I have started cutting down on the daily morning $1.50 coffee and switching to Essenso 2-in-1 costing only $0.26 per pack lol. (Get a free umbrella when you purchase 2 packs at once)

The weekly bets will also have to be further reduced. The cash will be better utilized on food and transport.  

Thanks for reading.
I hope that you are also making your own efforts on the money journey.

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