27 May, 2017

How I achieved a 16.6% Year-To-Date Returns

XIRR incorporates the date of investments into its calculation and this is the reason why it was not in my calculations. I do not see the need to make things complicated when it can be simplified. So how was the 16.6% (as of 27/05/17) derived? It is just a mere excel calculation consisting of the cumulative positive returns from sold shares, current market paper gain and dividends received (along with transaction costs) since 2017 has started. This YTD date figure will change daily, responding to the daily price movements along with the time-to-time dividends received. I may elaborate more on my current holdings in a future post.

Portfolio Rankings:

Top Performer in Returns
Frasers Centrepoint Limited (17% Paper Gain)

Worst Performer in Returns
Singtel (2.4% Paper Gain)

Top Dividends Stock
Frasers Commercial Trust (7.50% Expected Dividends Returns)

Least Dividends Stock
Singtel (4.79% Expected Dividends Returns)

Actions YTD:

Sold this year
DBS (19% profit)
City Developments (8.5% profit)

Bought this year -Boats Boarded, Bon Voyage!
Ø  Singtel
Ø  Frasers Commercial Trust
Ø  Capitaland Retail China Trust

Boats Dearly Missed ,YTD- with hindsight
Ø  Venture Corp
Ø  Yangzijiang Shipbuilding

Current Holdings and Dividends Received YTD:
Ø  Frasers Centrepoint Limited (4.71%)
Ø  Singtel
Ø  Capitaland Retail China Trust
Ø  Frasers Commercial Trust (1.98%)


  1. XIRR useful only if new money keeps coming in along the way e.g. monthly salary, year-end bonus, performance bonus, inheritance, etc. Particularly useful if regular injections of new cash such as say $3,000 every month from salary. This will make it much more accurate in terms of returns measurement.

    If no new injections of money, or maybe just once a year, then not so important.

    Things like sell / dividends / buy using existing cash portion, don't need XIRR as already part of existing investments, not new money.

    Anyway, congrats on the good returns thus far! :)

    1. Thanks for the insights, Spurs. I did not know XIRR is related to new money and that salary can be part of it. Was looking for a tool that solely measures investment efforts. From what you have mentioned, it seems like XIRR also consisted of our fixed/variable earnings and expenses in its measurement. :)

  2. Good returns thus far! However, since it is only in the first half of the year, XIRR will naturally be inflated.

    I used to calculate returns in terms of XIRR but found that Holding Period Return may be more useful.

    1. Just have to push back the holding period to end of year date will fixed that for XIRR