30 January, 2017

This Catalist is selling at its lowest point

Recently, I have made a discovery on a catalist stock, which was one of the top 5 actively traded stocks last Friday- it is both a penny stock and a catalist. I am no speculator but it is interesting observing ,especially when this counter is getting oversold. Having a friend who plays pennies while I am on the contrary a long-term investor, he is a better guide at such trading practice.

He claimed that from the looks of it, there is still no bottom despite hitting its all-time lows. If its current price is its support, a rebound is going to make a trader profit handsomely in a matter of days. This is indeed a very risky play for a good piece of meat but who can be ascertain if there is really any meat?

The image speaks for itself and I believe speculators will be eyeing QT closely. If one reads into QT, it is actually a firm with a few years of earnings deficits and thus a ideal counter for quick in and out trading. From what I learnt, speculators play with charting while they do not give a damn about market news and conditions. It may be fun to watch.

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