05 July, 2020

Selling my Diamond engagement ring

Certain matters are tough to bring up and discuss with others, especially when it relates to events such as breakup and divorce. On top of the devastation and anguish, there are things left to be sorted between the 2 parties. 

Parting with my partner last year is of no difference. I did a post on this during my worse moments but has since removed it. Most people will never thought of the possibility of a breakup before purchasing their engagement ring since it should be a happy event. So what happens to the ring if a couple really breaks up? Well, this is rather a personal choice. The lady may keep the ring or return it to the guy. There is no right or wrong to this since it is their own agreement. If the guy gets back the ring, what should he do? Should he keep the ring for the future (of course, the future girlfriend should not be informed of this) or sell it to put it all behind him? 

In my case, I tried selling the ring and there have been a few interested buyers. However, their offer prices were below my expectation. 

If anyone of you or your friends are looking for a ring with decent specifications at a reasonable price, please feel free to contact me in the Carousell link. In all honesty, it will be a good deal for anyone seeking for a new ring that is below retail price. 

The stated price in the listing is below the actual purchased price and it is open for negotiations. The diamond is GIA certified and you will be able to see the specifications below. You may find the other descriptions in the Carousell listing.  

Thanks for reading this and hearing me out. 


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